Willyama High School

DIY Big Freeze

Join Us in the Fight Against Motor Neurone Disease!

Hello, everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that Willyama High School is diving into action for this year's DIY Big Freeze 10, a heartfelt effort to raise crucial funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

Did you know that the average life expectancy for someone diagnosed with MND is just 27 months?

On Friday, June 7th, we'll be hosting our very own 'Willyama Big Freeze'. We invite you to join us in supporting this important cause by donating to fund vital research, develop effective treatments, and ultimately find a cure for MND.

Your generosity makes a world of difference. Stay tuned as we unveil which brave staff members will be taking the plunge for this noble cause!

Thank you for standing with us in the fight to freeze MND.

Warm regards,

Willyama High School

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Slider Reveal #6

Wednesday 29th May

Brace yourselves for a chilly thrill, because Slider #6 is none other than the legendary Mr. Wilson! Our PE teacher and captain of the Central Football Club is trading his football tactics for a towel as he bravely faces the Big Freeze. Known for his high-energy fitness routines and sideline pep talks, Wilso is about to discover if his game-day strategies can keep him warm under a bucket of freezing water. Donate via the link for your chance to dunk him and watch him tackle the cold like a champ! Mr Bentley has already started the bid at $50! https://support.fightmnd.org.au/fundraisers/willyamahs/diy-bigfreeze 

Slider Reveal #5

Monday 27th May

What’s better than one Deputy Principal taking the plunge? Two, of course! Ms Millsteed is stepping up as Slider #5 to help freeze MND. Want to see her take on the ultimate icy challenge? Donate via the link for your chance to dunk her and double the fun! https://support.fightmnd.org.au/fundraisers/willyamahs/diy-bigfreeze 

Slider Reveal #4

Friday 24th May

Slider Reveal #4

Breaking news! Slider #4 for the Willyama Big Freeze has been revealed, and it's none other than our PE teacher and football extraordinaire, Mr. Barnes! Get ready to see his legendary coolness put to the ultimate test as he takes on the icy challenge. Will his football skills help him dodge the freeze? Probably not, but we can’t wait to see how he handles an icy dunk! Want to be the one who turns Mr Barnes into a human popsicle? Donate via the link: https://support.fightmnd.org.au/fundraisers/willyamahs/diy-bigfreeze

Slider Reveal #3

Wednesday 22nd May
Here's a plot twist we didn't see coming! Mr. Jessop, the people's choice in our voting saga, mysteriously finds himself with a 'calendar clash' on our Big Freeze day (oh, the timing!). But fear not, after some not-so-gentle persuasion (relentless arm-twisting), Ms Devoy has bravely volunteered herself as tribute to step up as Slider #3. And what better day to announce it than on her birthday! Itching to be the one to dunk Ms Devoy? Donate via the link: https://support.fightmnd.org.au/fundraisers/willyamahs/diy-bigfreeze

Slider Reveal #2

Monday 20th May

Hold onto your hats, folks! After a bit of convincing (and maybe a little arm-twisting), our fearless Deputy Principal, Mr. Harvey, is bravely taking the plunge as Slider #2 to help freeze MND! Think you can handle the satisfaction of dunking the Deputy? Put your money where your mouth is and donate via the link to make it happen!


Slider Reveal #1

Friday 17th May
Get ready for a splash-tacular moment! The one and only, the handsome and hilarious Uncle Robbie, will be taking the plunge as Slider #1 to help fight MND. Want to be the one who dunks him? Bid your way to the top by donating via the link: https://support.fightmnd.org.au/fundraisers/willyamahs/diy-bigfreeze 

Thank you to my Sponsors


North Broken Hill Cricket Club

Robert “Pup” Mitchell played an integral role in shaping the culture of North Broken Hill Cricket Club. A culture we are all thankful for and can share together today. This cause is very close to the heart of the North Cricket Club, and we hope this donation may contribute to further research in the fight against MND.


Sam Sutcliffe

Love you pup! ❤️


Broken Hill Toyota

Great work team WHS!


Samuel Jodie.

great work teachers and students 💙


Brendan Cullen

Well done Willyama. You are to be applauded for helping the fight against this terrible disease.


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Nash Mitchell



Heather Mitchell


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Paul & Trudy


Britt & Zac


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Makayla Mitchell

Thank you for doing this, it will help a lot of people which will be great.


Courtney Barker


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Renee Hall


Jason Harwood


Marja And Farja


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Sophie Weathersbee


Tobias, Stevie And Charlie Hack 💙🤍


Gabby Schaefer

Great work


Jackson Bentley


Shelby Johns


Bailey And Bec 💙🤍


Samuel Wilson

Great job!! Can’t wait to see Mr Barnes get dunked!


Abbey & Tyler


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Debbie Grose

Great cause LEGENDS!


Scott Mateer


Jennene, Jordy Slater

True gentlemen


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Let me dunk Nash


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Stephanie And Samuel Leonard

Best teacher. Best human! Go Bianca and the team at Willyama ♥️♥️