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Facing a diagnosis like MND (Motor Neuron Disease) can indeed be devastating. The physical decline and loss of independence it brings are incredibly challenging. It's not just about the individual affected but also their loved ones who witness the deterioration. The hereditary aspect adds another layer of uncertainty and fear for families. It's a cruel reality that many individuals and families have to endure, and it highlights the importance of ongoing research and support for those affected by MND.

Despite ongoing research efforts, a definitive cure for MND remains elusive, and individuals diagnosed with the condition typically face a life expectancy of 27 months.

 In honor of my beautiful Dad, Rodney, who succumbed to MND at the age of 49, we are embarking on the ice bucket challenge. Your generous contributions will play a crucial role in advancing essential research endeavors, developing effective therapeutic interventions, and ultimately, facilitating the discovery of a cure for MND."

Thank you for your support and contributions. You will truly make a difference.

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Sunday 19th May
This is Rodney Aggett - the loving husband and father who was such a beautiful, kind and caring man.

He raised 4 beautiful children, one of whom is our Online Department Manager Nikki.

In 2008 Rodney and his family received devastating news that shook their family and changed everything for them.

He was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. This horrible disease took everything from him, his balance, his speech, his independence and eventually his life.

From the strong, thriving man that would literally give you the shirt off his back if you needed it to being cared for 24 hours around the clock. Nikki had to quit her full time job to stay with him whilst the family all helped wherever they could.

The disease has zero empathy, it ate away at this beautiful human and didn't take him lightly or slowly. It was painful ! Not only for him but also those that loved him and cared for/about him.

Before we knew it, in December of 2010 Rodney slipped away. The disease had won and Rodney and the Aggett family paid the ultimate sacrifice. He was just 49 years old.

There is still no cure for MND. But Coles is doing their bit to help with funding research and we hope that one day there's a change.

If we reach our fund-raising goal, Nikki has agreed to participate in an ice bucket dump.
Please feel free to share the link on your personal social media so we can reach as many people as we can. 

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