Fundraising FAQs


How can I fundraise for FightMND?

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There are plenty of ways to get involved and fundraise in your community. By joining an event or hosting your own, you’ll play a vital role in bringing an end to Motor Neurone Disease.

Fundraising ideas include:

- Hosting a DIY Big Freeze

- Raising money through a fun run or cycling event

- Signing up to the 27 Challenge

- Workplace fundraising

- Leaving a Gifts in Will donation

Or get creative and come up with your own!

Where do the funds go?

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FightMND fund the most innovative and passionate researchers with the aim to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). In addition to funding MND research, FightMND are Australia's largest funder of MND care and assistive equipment for people living with MND. We continue to raise vital funds until we beat this Beast of a disease. 

Getting Started

How do I set up my online fundraising page?

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Can I use the FightMND logos?

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Official FightMND logos, like the Big Freeze or the FightMND - It Takes People logo, are not available for use outside of the FightMND organisation.

Instead, we have created the Proudly Supporting logo you can use. This can be found in the rescources, tools and templates section.

Resources, Tools and Templates

Where can I find helpful FightMND fundraising tools and templates?

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You’ll find helpful resources, info sheets, posters, invites etc. to download and print in the Rescources section. 

Beanies and Socks

Can I order Big Freeze beanies and socks for my event?

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Yes, you can order Bulk Socks and Beanies two ways, pay instantly on credit card or pay your invoice by 29th June 2024.

If I'm paying on invoice why do you need my credit card details
The credit card details act as security for the purchase. We will transact $10 on your credit card to verify the card works, and once you pay your invoice, we will refund the $10 to you.

I'm not happy about you having my credit card details
Unfortunately, we have had some people who have ordered socks and have not paid us, and as a charity we can't risk this happening so the credit card is there should the invoice remain outstanding, long after we have tried to get in touch with the person. It's sad, but this does happen. After you pay your invoice, we do not store your credit card details, they are deleted

When will I get my socks?
Socks are shipped in 8th of May from Melbourne, if they are desperate for socks prior to this date, they will need to speak with me to see what we can do (if anything)

I have ordered the wrong amount?
No worries, take all of their details and we can adjust the order if it has not already been shipped out to the customer.

I need my socks in April
We may be able to send out socks as a special order. If will depend on the number required

 What size are they?
Small socks - fit primary aged children, up to a womens' size 8

Large socks- fit up to a mens size 13
They have a lot of stretch in them, and there are only 2 sizes available

Is there any FightMND Merchandise I can buy?

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Yes, visit our FightMND Store here.

When can I buy a Big Freeze 10 beanie?

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Our Big Freeze 10 beanie will launch in May and can be purchased online or instore with Coles and Bunnings nation wide.

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